Банк данных переводчиков - Переводчики в России - Резниченко Ян Витальевич

Новосибирск, Россия
  Переводчик Новосибирск, Россия, визитная карточка на русском языке    
Новосибирск, Россия


1994-1999- Novosibirsk State University, Department of Humanities, Section of History. Diploma with Honors.

1999-2000- Enrolled in Ph. D. Program at Institute of Archeology of Siberian Brach of Russian Academy of Sciences.

2001 - 2002- Central European University (Budapest), MA Program in History. Graduated with Master in Central European History.

Professional Education:

2007 – Novosibirsk State University, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Program of Professional Retraining “HR Management in Organization”.

Work Experience:

1999-2001 – Novosibirsk State University, International Office, Foreign Student Adviser.
• Holding e-mail correspondence with international students and representatives of foreign universities and partner organizations;
• Administration of contracts between international students and the University;
• Administration of lodging, airport pickup and organization of extracurricular activities for international students of NSU.

2003 -2008 – Novosibirsk State University, International Office, Information Officer.
• PR Management (writing press-realizes and articles on international activities at NSU for Russian and international mass-media, proving information required by Russian educational authorities and international organizations and partners of NSU );
• Administration of the international events carried out by NSU (visits of foreign delegations, organization of workshops, conferences and presentations)
• Negotiations with foreign partners of NSU and administration of contracts with them;
• Holding e-mail correspondence with international partners of NSU;
• Translation into Russian/English of technical, scientific and managerial papers for NSU units.
• Grant writing;
• Development and support of the following sections of NSU web site:
1. www.nsu.ru/english (English version),
2. www.nsu.ru/french (French Version).
2005 up to 2008– NSU, Department of Humanities, Chair of Oriental Studies, English Language Instructor (part-time contractor).

2002 up to now – International Educational Center «Interlang», English Language Instructor, Interpreter (independent contractor).

2002up to now – Freelance Interpreter (simultaneous, consecutive and written translations). As an interpreter have been recruited by Presidium of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Administration of Novosibirsk Region, Office of Plenipotentiary of the President in Siberian Federal District, NATO Information Bureau in Moscow, etc.

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