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English translator Blagodareva Elena

English translator Blagodareva Elena Russia, Moscow
  Переводчик Russia, Moscow, визитная карточка на русском языке    
Russia, Moscow

Self-employed entrepreneur, freelance translator and editor. Main themes: finance, economics, law, industrial gas cleaning, philosophy.

About myself

Let me introduce myself.
I'm a native Russian translator with experience more than ten years. I have graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Participation in translating projects for Hock Training company: textbooks on programs CIA, CIMA (auditing, accounting, management, budgeting, management accounting, economics). Editing of the study materials in the corporate system (risk management, audit, pricing). Also I translated certificates of admission, financial and legal documents, presentations for "RVS" Engineering Company.
Skills: MS Word, Excel, Memsource Editor, Power Point, touch typing - 300 keystrokes p.m.

Last year I have worked as a self-employed entrepreneur, translated books and financial documents and did my work at a high skill level, punctually, paying attention to details.I have a good team spirit.


KB Intercommerz
Kryzhanovsky P.M.(President)
+7(495) 380-22-22

Aleksey Pavlenko («Industrial gas cleaning» Business Area Director)

ООО Hock Training
Brian Hock (Director)

References of clients



If you need to translate any marketing materials, advertising, research or accounting, financial documents from English to Russian and vice versa, I can help you. Also I can make proofreading, revision, expertise of your materials.
My rate is for translating: $0,03 per word. Usually I do 7-8 pages a day. For revision or proofreading: $0,015 per word.
English - fluent
German - basic

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