Банк данных переводчиков - Переводчики в Молдове - Дерюшева Мария Михайловна

  Переводчик Moldova/Glodeni, визитная карточка на русском языке  

High Quality Interpreting Services in Moldova, Russia, CIS and worldwide (Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting)for your International Events at reasonable rates. Interpreting personal and business phone calls, sermons, speeches. Translation of documents and books.

About me


1997-2002 - Balti State University, Moldova - BA in Linguistics - English Language and Literature and French Language


2013-present - freelance conference interpreter, translator, proofreader, ESL tutor

Interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous), Translation from and into English, French, Romanian and Russian, Proofreading, ESL Tutoring

I have translated several large books from English into Russian, mostly on topics dealing with Bible Studies, Psychology, Education.

Professional expertise in the following areas:
- Religion and Sociology;
- Hospitality and Tourism;
- Psychology and Psychiatry;
- Sales, Marketing and PR;
- Health and Beauty;
- Medicine;
- Education;
- Business Management.

2010-2013 - Psychologist/Education Specialist/Interpreter/Translator at a non-profit NGO “New Hope Moldova”

• Translate materials and interpret for conferences and seminars (English - Russian, English-Romanian);
• Create and implement programs that would provide help to orphans;
• Lead groups of volunteers (local and foreign) in our projects (fundraising, teaching, working at orphanages and camps for orphans).

2009 - 2010 - Intern in a one-year program at the Southeast White House, a non-profit NGO assisting at-risk children and families in inner-city Washington, DC;
• Tutor inner-city kids;
• Teach the kids moral standards;
• Serve food to the poor in the neighborhood.

2001 - 2008 - interpreter for International Mission Board in Moldova

• Providing interpretation and translation for groups of American short-term missionaries;
• Serving as a guide to Moldavian life and culture;
• Сoordinating the distribution of humanitarian aid among the local people.


Basic Interpreting Rates:
Simultaneous - Eur 60/hour
Consecutive - Eur 50/hour

Translation - 5-8 euros per page.
Discounts and specials are negotiable.

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