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Tatiana Kubatina. Translator and teacher of English

в Киргизия, г. Бишкеке
  Переводчик в Киргизия, г. Бишкеке, визитная карточка на русском языке  

Внимание! Переводчик временно не выполняет заявки на перевод.

Киргизия, г. Бишкек

Tatiana Kubatina. "There is no sense to teach a language. Everybody is able to study it by himself!"

Tatiana Kubatina
Date of birth: January 2, 1983
Marital status: married

2005-2008yy. Kyrgyz-Russian (Slavic) University
Faculty: Management of Organization
Specialization: Social Management
Diploma with honors.
2000-2005yy. Kyrgyz Pedagogical University
Faculty: Linguistics of English language
Specialization: Linguist of English language
The year 2005 “Office Manager”Courses, Certificate
1998-2000yy. "Pease Corps" Volunteers English Courses, Certificate

November 2008-August 2009 – “London-Bishkek Insurance Company” OJSC
Position: Secretary-translator
Duties: To manage the office, translate incoming and outgoing documents from English/French into Russian and from Russian into English/French, documents for director, to issue medical policies, to give necessary information to clients.
September 2007-August 2008 – Secondary General School #37
Position: English Language Teacher
Duties: To teach students of 8th and 9th grades, to prepare reports on time
February 2007-September 2007 – Secondary General School #37
Position: English Language Teacher
Duties: To teach students of 2nd – 11th grades, to prepare reports on time
July 2006-February 2009 – Notary Private
Position: Freelance Translator

By the agency of Private Notary I cooperated with private and legal persons. Generally I translated private documents such as: passports, diplomas, sertificates and other, and legal documents: charters, certificates, minutes, etc. There were no any claims, complaints nor orders return over a collaboration period.
In my essential place of work I translated incoming and outgoing documents of the Company, balance sheets and auditor's reports, and provided with these translations co-owners of the Company in London, England. There were no any claims either.

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