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Yuliya Gubanova, escort interpreter

Yuliya Gubanova, escort interpreter Country, city
  Переводчик Country, city, визитная карточка на русском языке  
Country, city

Yuliya Gubanova, escort interpreter
Ru-en, en-ru translations; proof-reading & editing; desk-top publishing

About me

My working experience in the area of interpreting/translations is over 16 years 11 of which I manage my own translation company and also proof-read and edit translated texts as well as improve qualifications of translators working with our company. Now my company works in the automatic mode which helps me to have a lot of free time. So when I'm on travel where I spend about one third of a year I'm ready to do what I like - show guests our wonderful city and share its fairytales and legends.


Available upon request

Terms and conditions


Translations: from 0.05 Euro/word of an original text
Escort guide services: 25 Euro/hour (if necessary, it is possible to provide tours on my own transport)

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