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Technical translation and international affairs

Name of the country and city
  Переводчик Name of the country and city, визитная карточка на русском языке  
Name of the country and city

personal info

Foreign trade manager (focus on international affairs)
• Fluent English and German
• Business correspondence with foreign suppliers
• Interaction with foreign suppliers/manufacturers to place orders (planning, coordination and control the timing of order production, development of drawings; discussion of discounts, terms and conditions of the contract);
• Making drafts of foreign trade contracts in English and Russian
• Negotiations with the supplier (on phone, on Skype, personal business meetings)
• Participation and preparation for exhibitions (Belagro, Eurotier, Agromech, VIV)
• Delivery organization and control, preparation of all required import documents;
• Interaction with customs authorities (preparation of documents for customs such as invoices, CMR, packing lists, technical writing for ventilation, feeding, drinking and penning systems for pig farms)
• Meeting foreign delegations
• Business trips (interpreting at exhibitions, business meetings, during montage, while group training in the Netherlands (interpreting Engl./Rus. & Rus./Engl. of all training material during the lessons )
• Written translations from/into English (drawings, construction documents, instructions, operating manuals, agreements/contracts, bank guarantees, invoices, customs documents, etc.)
• Primary knowledge 1 C
• Work with banks (letters of credits, bank guarantees)

Translator from/into English-Russian
- Business
- Information technologies
- Oil & gas
- Automation
- Agriculture
- Building & construction
- Electronics and radio electronics
- Films

- Web-site translation from/into German (2005-2006)
- On-line translation on the website (English and German)
- Translator at the channel BT (2008 -2012):
• Script translation from English into Russian ( « Battlestar Galactica», «Friday Night Lights», «Desperate housewives», «Sender», «Virtuosity», «House M.D.», «Defiance», «Balibo», «Star track» etc)

- Translator for “Technoton “ (2011 -2013)
• Translation of technical documentation from Russian into English for British colleagues (operation manuals for GPRS tracking systems)

- English and German teacher at STEP BY STEP ( 2009-2011 ):
• Group training with levels (Beginners/Elementary (English) , GRUNDSTUFE (A1, A2)



- technical translation (rate: 0.1 euro per word or 0,01 per character)
- interpreting at business meetings (upon agreement)

- price for sending the documents will be given upon having the invoice/check from the post.

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