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tri-directional translations

tri-directional translations Stepanakert, Mountainous Karabakh
  Переводчик Stepanakert, Mountainous Karabakh, визитная карточка на русском языке  
Stepanakert, Mountainous Karabakh

It's real simple.
Having 4 languages you can translate to no more than 3 in the set you have.
From any one to any other one: Armenian, English, Russian, Ukranian.

Choose a direction please.

About myself

Born in the past millenium.
Won't outlive the present one.
Don't care a bean about lots of things yet like a few or so.
Have some tender spots yet can't recollect their exact location.
I'd be the best if not for my hidden flaw - specifically, I am too shy and bashful.



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