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translation and interpreting services

translation and interpreting services Minsk, Belarus
  Переводчик Minsk, Belarus, визитная карточка на русском языке  

Внимание! Переводчик временно не выполняет заявки на перевод.

Minsk, Belarus

I provide translation with due attention to quality

on request

Education background

I position myself as a freelance or regular translator. I’ve finished the Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus in 2007. I qualified as an interpreter of foreign languages: English and French. I have a good command of English due to repeated stays in the country of the language studied – United Kingdom. In 2008 I entered the MA course on the bases of the Minsk State Linguistic University and received a degree in theoretical linguistics.

Minsk State Linguistic University (qualification: foreign language assistant / interpreter of foreign languages: English and French);
Period: 01.09.02 – 01.09.07
Minsk State Linguistic University (MA course, a degree in theoretical linguistics);
Period: 01.09.07 – 01.01.09
Belarusian State Economic University (qualification: foreign economic relation’s specialist);
Period: 10.09.08 – 23.04.2011

Working experience

Traineeship in the United Kingdom, partaking in conferences, preparation of bilateral negotiations. Translation background – more than 5 years.

From Jan. 2006 working in funds and local NGOs;

1. holding negotiations;
2. translation of all incoming correspondence and settlement of different issues

I also have a successful experience of cooperation with such entities as World Bank and UN (references can be provided upon request).

Business qualities

From the beginning of 2006 I provided assistance to public charitable organizations and funds of Belarus in translating the documents, holding correspondence, partaking in conferences, preparing bilateral negotiations and foreign delegation escorting.

Liable for the tasks set, able to learn new material, able to work alone and in a team, interested in working for the perspective, capable of time planning to get maximum work efficiency, liable for the credit granted by an employer

Personal qualities

Active, sociable, responsible, balanced, ready to take the initiative. I have creative mind and a great desire to improve my language command. I don’t have pernicious habits

open to variants

Can be provided on request.


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