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Legal Translator and Lawyer Kateryna Kondratiuk

Legal Translator and Lawyer Kateryna Kondratiuk Kyiv, Ukraine
  Переводчик Kyiv, Ukraine, визитная карточка на русском языке    
Kyiv, Ukraine

Legal Translator, Legal Adviser, Accountant Kateryna Kondratiuk

About me

Have two MA degrees in Law and Philology from leading Ukrainian Universities.
Worked as a lawyer at international telecommunication company.
As entrepreneur provide services in translating, interpreting, law and accounting.
Worked as an interpreter with ICF "Discover Ukraine" at the boat, sailing from Ukraine to the USA in 2000 and during OpSail-2000 and TallShips-2000.
Translating services: contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, foundation documents, legal opinions, due diligence, laws and other regulatory acts, licenses, diplomas, certificates, etc. Notarial certification.
Legal services: drafting contracts, deeds, agreements, powers of attorneys according to Ukrainian and international law, registration with governing bodies, legalization, etc.


My clients are individuals and legal entities, banks, international organizations, OSCE, IFES, charitable funds. Also I work with several translating agencies.


Terms and conditions


General texts:
10 EUR/page (300 words or 1800 symbols) OR
0.05 EUR/word of translated text.
Legal, accounting and financial-related texts:
15 EUR/page (300 words or 1800 symbols) OR
0.08 EUR/word of translated text.

Interpreting - from 30 EUR/hour.

Legal services - depends on the task.

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