Банк данных переводчиков - Переводчики на Украине - Чупрыгина Наталия Ивановна

Translator, interpreter, academic writer

Translator, interpreter, academic writer Ukraine/Chornomorsk
  Переводчик Ukraine/Chornomorsk, визитная карточка на русском языке    

Working language pairs (English/German/Russian), oral and written translation, synchron. Fields of translation: business, pharmacy, port operations, education, tourism.
Academic writing: course papers, diploma for students.

About myself

I am an experienced diploma tranlator, having worked in this field more than 20 years. Proficiency in both languages - English and German. Russian is my native language.
My fields of translation are business, including business treaties, port and customs operations, medicine (including pharmacy), education and tourism.
I have worked with foreign companies from Austria, Germany, Swityerland, Great Britain, France, Italy, China, Turkey.
I occupies positions of:
- 1989-1992:reference translator (port logistics and customs services);
- 1989-2000: translator for Austrian producing companies;
- 1992-1995:general representative of cotton producers in Ukraine;
- 1995-2000: secretary-translator for joint German-Ukrainian Co.: port logistics;
- 2000-till now: freelance translator.




Written translation - starting from 0,03 Eu/word;
Oral translation - 26 Euro/hr for one language pair; 36 Euro/hr for one mother + two foreign languages;
Work at the exhibition stand - 176 Euro/hr;
Synchron - 200 Euro/hr.

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