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Translator of English, French and Spanish

Country, city
  Переводчик Country, city, визитная карточка на русском языке  
Country, city

Hi! My name is Marina. I am a Russian translator with more than 10 years of translation work. My working pairs for translation are EN-RU, RU-EN, FR-RU, RU-FR, ES-RU, RU-ES. I prefer to work with legal, economical, financial, business and personal papers. Feel free to contact me.

About myself

I have been working as a translator and manager for more than 12 years in Moscow, Russia. I studied English, German, French, Spanish and Italian languages. Best of all I know English at the moment, though improve the other languages when I have a chance. Now I run my own translation agency and go on working as a translator.


Translation of business, personal, legal, financial documents from English, Spanish, French, mainly. Documents and texts from other spheres are discussed for translation. The price for translation should be discussed in each separate case.

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