Банк данных переводчиков - Переводчики в Румынии - Фaтеева Наталья Георгевна

Russian-Romanian-English certified translator/inteprener, freelancer.

  Переводчик , визитная карточка на русском языке    

Translator/Interpreter of the Russian-Romanian-English languages​​.Freelancer

Higher education, foreign languages ​​department,English-Russian-Romanian translator. I am certified translator and freelancer in Romania (nr. 29472),"individual entrepreneur".

WORK EXPERIENCE: experience with medical,IT, technical subjects,personal documents translation,plain texts and 5 years experience in tourism.

Translation agency, all feedbacks are positive.
Comments see on the site.

Standard page is 2000 characters including spaces, 5-10 euros per page, depending on the language and the text complexity. Time New Romans 12, margins 2 cm.

1. English-Romanian/Moldovan-English - 5 / 8 euro
2. Romanian-Russian Romanian - 10.08 Euro
3. English-Russian English - 5 / 8 euro

Over 7 / 10 or more pages 10/20 % discaunt. In a reasonable deadlines.

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